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Bridal Nails (part 1) June 29, 2009

Ok, so I was going to swatch Indigo Dazzle next after the Streamer incident, but I was a little bit traumatised by the ordeal I had with Streamer and it has put me off the other George polis.  So instead I thought, I’ve got my next wedding coming up this Saturday (I’m a wedding photographer by trade, you can check my site out at http://www.buckleystudios.co.uk if you’re interested) and I thought it would be nice to do some bridal-esque nails.  So I am currently parading a lovely simple subtle manicure and I have tried twice to take pictures of it but failed miserably.  So I have one decent picture. 


I started with a base coat of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails with Nylon as ever (the pinky looking one which is called natural), then one coat over that of Miss Sporty in pale pink (it doesn’t really colour the nails that much but give a lovely natural and healthy colour, as well as great shine to the nail).  I then freehanded the tips in Miss Sporty Silver, and Konaded the butterflies from M36 in Konad Silver Special Polish.  On the middle finger of each hand I ‘glued’ (If I have let the polish dry, I dab the slightest amount of clear polish on to the back of them, rather than using nail glue as this can melt the polish underneath if the gems move, but other wise I press them into slightly tacky polish) individual silver rhinestones along my smile line.  Finished off with a good coat of Konad Top coat.  I think it looks lovely 🙂


Name change and a mani on my own fingers! :-O June 25, 2009

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Okay so I have changed the name of my blog so that it falls in line with my lovely website where I’m selling all things nail art (well just Konad at the moment but Im working on it!), so I am no longer TS Nails, but am instead Flashy Nails! 

So I’ve been pretty busy setting up the site, my stock all came yesterday which was VERY exciting,  apart from at the point where I realised that Konad don’t name the polishes on ANY of the packaging, so I had to use a process of elimination to work out which blues and purples were which but I got there eventually.  (I was very thrown by the ‘Light Grey’ Princess Polish though as it looks pretty blue.)

Today I was at a funeral, my nana’s.  It was awful.  Last night when I came to do my nails, I had originally decided to do something pale and subtle and muted, but then I thought that in the last few months when I started doing my nails again, when I used to go see nana or take her out, I always used to show her them and she always had a comment (not always good as she didn’t always like them of course!) so I did them dark but still ‘me’.  So here they are:  I think they look fantastic, and I bumped into two of my friends today who were both wowed!




Sorry the pictures are a bit small, I used the WP upload feature and it’s made my images a bit screwy.  First pic is taken inside lit by some LED lights which are quite bluey, the other two were taken in daylight.  They’re all a touch blurry as I used my mobile phone camera.  I WILL get the hang of taking good pics to put on here, I promise!   Base colour is the VERY beautiful Hello Sailor! by Collection 2000, then it’s Konad Black Special Polish and the daisies off plate M41.  I love it.  It looks sort of like those holographic accessories you used to get a few years back where they were black and then underneath was all different neon colours.  I like it a lot!