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Maybelline Mirror Image July 2, 2009

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Whilst this polish may not be news at all to most of you reading this, I have only just bought some.  I saw it reviewed on another blog a while ago and then I also found it on The Nailphile and I had to have it!  It was actually a purchase quite heavily influenced by my husband, as I’d obsessed over China Glaze OMG and had a bottle shipped from the US and promptly almost peed myself with excitement when it arrived…….and he just didn’t get it!  But he did one day see a bottle of Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength nail hardener and comment that if I could find a polish like that, he’d love it.  So I did!!  And he does!

This didn’t go on too well for me, I’ve found with this and the last few manicures I’ve done I’ve got little tiny bubbles appearing in the polish (which I have read about on other blogs and gloated silently to myself, thinking “That doesn’t EVER happen to me!” – Karma bites.) I don’t know if it is maybe to do with the heat increase around here?  I sat out in the backyard in the sun to do this manicure and I honestly WINCED when I first started to paint the silver on, it was that shiny.  It does look awesome, but at fairly close up I can see all the flaws an imperfections in my nail surfaces which is pretty irritating.  Especially that damned crack in my left middle finger nail (as you’ll see all too easily from the pictures.)

I was accompanied by next door’s cat, Pebbles whilst I did this, I adore her, she’s one of the most amusing cats I’ve ever known.  I’d love a cat but Hubby says no at the moment so I just play with her instead!  There are a couple of pictures of her at the bottom too 🙂

^^Those were both after the first coat – see what I mean about my middle finger’s nail?  :-((

^^After one coat of base and three of silver.  Shiny Shiny!!!

And Pebbles…..



Some more samples and some news! June 23, 2009

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Ok I’ll deal with the news first.  My online webshop is now open!!  You can find it at http://www.flashynails.co.uk (if this address doesn’t work quite yet give it a day or so, as I am still waiting for the address to go live.)  Currently there is only some Konad stuff on there, as that is the only stock I have recieved thus far but I am awaiting some rhinestone sets and some lovely glass nail files and some buffing blocks.  I AM EXCITED!  I have made sure that I am (hopefully at least one of) the cheapest Konad stockist online.  Postage charges are also amazing if you’re in the UK as well.  It’s nice to know I can supply nice things for people at a slightly cheaper price.  I am constantly on the lookout for some other nail things to stock, I want to be stocking the things that people want to buy so if you have any ideas, let me know and I will see what I can do.  

I’m also awaiting a delivery of a brand of polish which I really like, it’s good quality and great prices, and I’ve fallen in love with an American brand called Adoree and I’m hoping to get the go ahead to start stocking their AMAZING selection. 

Anyway so here are some more of my amateurish Konad designs! 

^^I really like this!  It’s cute and fun and I think it rocks!  First time out with the sponging method.  I didn’t look too good at first but once it’s had the other designs on, I think it’s fab!

^^I also really love this.  I need to grow my nails so they can be long enough for me to do thing like this to my own actual nails!  I’ve been thinking of getting acryllics done, but I keep remembering how they trashed my nails when I had them put on for my wedding so I think I’ll avoid.  The temptation is big though!

^^  😦  Got a bit of a case of the smudgies on this one, which is a shame because it looked pretty cute before I smudged it with the tc. 

^^Sorry for the poor pic quality.  I like this, I freehanded the tip as I just can’t get to grips with the plain French plate, and I think it looks pretty good.

^^Again quite a poor picture.  This one doesn’t look too great in real life either.  The blue is too strong to Konad effectively without using plain black or white.  I’m learning  these lessons slowly!

^^This could have looked awesome but for some reason the white just didn’t come off very bright or crisp which was a shame.

^^Believe it or not, this was my husband’s idea for a design.  I’ve been pestering him to do me some sample Konads as he’s failry interested in how it works (well as interested as you could expect a man to be I suppose!) he refused, but he told me how to do this one!  The top set of flowers irriate me a little as they are not wuite over to the side enough, and I was so annoyed when the tc caused dragging too 😦

^^I like this.  I wish the top stamp had gone on more cleanly but I love how bright and blinging it is.  Don’t know how easy the washing up would be with all the stars on there though!

So there you go.  I have resolved to get better at Konading, and when I think back to my very first attempt, I can definitely see an improvement, so fingers crossed I’ll continue to get better!