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I used Streamer again! August 22, 2009

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Remember This Post?  Yes the absolute horror of Streamer.  Well I honestly didn’t think I’d use it again after the trauma I had with it, but the other day I must have been feeling favourable as I thought I’d use it as a nice base to Konad over.  I figured that it didn’t matter too much if it looked awful after application as I’d be covering it with Konad anyway.  So I went for it!  And I’m glad I did.  Here’s the finished result

George Streamer, Konad Blue Special Polish, M24

George Streamer, Konad Blue Special Polish, M24


These are full sunlight pictures but they were taken indoors!  I don’t know if I mentioned in my very brief previous post that we have been having new windows fitted this week, and we’ve gone from horrid old single glazed windows which have been in for years and years, with rotten wooden frames complete with peeling paint and a lifetime of dust around them, to beautiful new double glazed unit with lovely whic UPVC frames, and the house seems so much lighter!  The downside is, my house has been a state, all dusty etc for the last 5 days, I’ve been washing my hands and doing washing up etc a LOT because of the dust and my hands are now a dry, cracked, injured mess,  which you’ll see in the next post.


Thanks for reading!  😀


Swatch – Button Moon July 15, 2009

Firstly, thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my wedding pictures!  It’s always nice to hear that your wedding dress is beautiful, and that you look like a great couple, so thank you!

Last night I swatched Button Moon.  I had received some Fimo Fruits from Ebay and really wanted to try them and it was a choice between Button Moon, BMX Bandit or Hoola Hoop for my base colour, and my lovely husband made the choice of Button Moon for me.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of it ‘naked’ as it were, because as soon as the second coat started to go tacky I pressed the fruit slices into it. 

Application wasn’t as bad as I expected, maybe I’m getting used to cremes now, I just slop a big glob on there and sort of push it around my nail with the brush, rather than brushing it on.  It does mean there’s usually some clean-up to be done though and you don’t get a tidy like around the cuticle, as you’ll see from my pictures. 

Inside Under artificial light

Inside Under artificial light

Inside under artificial light again

Inside under artificial light again

Outdoors, overcast

Outdoors, overcast

Outdoors, overcast again, (those black lines on the middle nail and my fingers are cat hairs as my friend Pebbles wanted in on the action!)

Outdoors, overcast again, (those black lines on the middle nail and my fingers are cat hairs as my friend Pebbles wanted in on the action!)

It is VERY like Streamer by George at Asda, in fact here is a picure of them side by side:

Streamer and Button Moon

Streamer and Button Moon

Button Moon is a more aqua green that Streamer, which reminds me of a chalky colour.  Like hospital walls or something.  (I’ve never seen a hospital with walls that colour, it’s just the association I have!)

I’m a bit tired of cremes at the moment so I may hold off swatching any more of the Hot Looks (and I still have Barry M Green Glitter to swatch too), I fancy some China Glaze OMG I think 🙂


Thanks for reading 😀


Swatch/Review: George at Asda, Indigo Dazzle July 1, 2009

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I’ve finally just about recovered from the traumatic experience of Streamer by George at Asda, and since I’d chipped off some of the bridal manicure I was wearing, I decided to do the review of Indigo Dazzle.  I bought it because it looks duotone in the bottle, in fact more than that, it’s a clearly indigo colour (as the name suggests of course), but when you move the bottle you can see shades of purple and green in there too.  I had to have it.

It applied in a similar fashion to Streamer, ie pretty badly, only this was not quite so bad, perhaps because it isn’t a creme?  I did still have major coverage issues (big globs and bare patches on the same nail) but, having learned from last time, I made sure I had a lot on the end of the brush to work with – and as a bonus this time I managed NOT to paint my cuticles as I was well prepared!  This is possibly the tidiest manicure I’ve ever given myself.

These were taken in slightly overcast but still fairly sunny light, outside.  I haven’t taken any inside pictures.  The middle picture probably does it the most justic in terms of the colour, as the other two make it look very black, but I’d probably describe it as an inky indigo blue, rather than the dark navy/black it looks on these pictures.  So, definitely no duotone in there, although if I tilt my nails to the side so they catch the light I can see the slightest darkening to purple, but that could just be wishful thinking!  It is quite a dazzly polish as the name suggests, so I’d say it’s name is pretty accurate but I won’t forgive it for looking like a duo in the bottle but not on my fingers 😥      I’m so much more pleased with Indigo Dazzle’s performance than I was with Streamer’s and might consider buying more George polishes, if I saw one I liked and it wasn’t a creme!

I think I’m going to leave this as a plain colour, we’ve been having a heatwave here and I don’t deal well with the heat, and I just can’t be pestered to do any Konading so I think I might have naked nails for a while!

In other news, I’ve just got a nice supply of really good glass files in my shop, they’re great quality and I’m selling them for a great price so if you’ve been wanting one, go see them!  (I can currently only ship to UK I’m afraid.)  Also, I read a review of  Diamond Cosmetics on Getcha Nails Did recently, and thought they sounded pretty awesome, and I’ve been in touch with them to ask about supplying their products, and they were very excited to hear from me as there is currently no supplier for Diamond Cosmetics in the UK.  So once I get the money together to make the order, I will let you know and some of you UK readers may be the first to get your hands on some Diamond polishes in the UK!  (For some reason WordPress isn’t letting me do embedded, tidy links but here is the first part of Getcha Nails Did’s Diamond Cosmetics Review: http://getchanailsdid.blogspot.com/2009/06/diamond-cosmetics-review-part-1.html  )


That’s better! June 27, 2009

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Just a quick one.  I’ve Konaded over the manicure from earlier, there are a couple pictures below.  Sorry about the awful mess I’ve made of cleaning up, it looked ok in person but the camera doesn’t lie so apparently my nails still look a mess round the cuticles!  Anyway this was George at Asda Streamer, Konad Pink Pearl and the leopard print off M24.  Some of them are a bit messy where I’ve overlapped the print a little, as I still don’t have any full nail designs.  I’m pretty satisfied with it though.


Swatch/Review – George at Asda, Streamer

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Ok so yesterday my long suffering (but very wonderful) husband let me finall buy a couple of new bottles of polish.  I’ve been on a bit of a nail polish embargo since I bought the Konad Pro Salon Kit (even though it was kind of a business expense) but we were shopping yesterday and we went into the Asda At Home superstore, and I saw their own brand (George) of nail polish.  They are only £1.48 a bottle (although only 5ml bottles) so I thought, why not!  He let me buy two colours, one is a beautiful mint green creme, called Streamer, and the other is a midnight blue/purple duotone (well it looks duo in the bottle) called Indigo Dazzle.

So I’ve just sat down to start a nice new mani with Streamer and so far, I’m NOT impressed at all.  The polish is quick dry and it is an absolute nightmare to apply.  You know sometimes when your base coat isn’t quite dry enough and your first colour coat kind of snags on it and you can’t paint it on properly?  Well this is like that.  Unless you have a huge glob of paint on the brush (ie dip it right into the bottle and take it back out with no wiping) it is impossible to apply – once it hits the nail it becomes very difficult to move it around the nails.  I will put some first coat pics up.  I’ve got streaks and snags and it’s all over my cuticles and fingers.  It’s also going to be on so thickly that I can’t see it staying chip free for my usual two days between manis.  Here are some pictures taken with the first coat…

I’m a little happier with it after the second coat but it still looks like someone who has never painted their nails before has done so, and with their eyes closed! 

^It’s a bit blurry but this is two coats, you can see there it hasn’t quite dragged to the very tip of the nail on my index finger.  (That crack on my middle finger is a major bend in my nail – I have no idea how I did it, it happened before my last mani (the Hello Sailor/Black daisies in the previous post) but it wasn’t visible through the polish, whereas it is now 😦 )

^My little finger on my right hand is probably the one with the best application.

Overall, this is a beautiful colour, and the price is great even if it is only for a dinky 5ml bottle (which would normally not be so bad, but the amount you have to slap on to get even a half decent coverage/application means it won’t last too long!) but I was very unimpressed with the application.  It will definitely need Konading.  I hope the Indigo Dazzle is better.  Maybe it’s just because this one is a creme….I have high hopes for the Indigo Dazzle, I’ll use that one next.  I’m off to Konad over this now!