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Autumnal Konadicure October 11, 2009

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Hey girls! I actually have not only a post, not only a post with nails in BUT a post with some Konad in it! It’s been a while, in fact it feels like it’s been forever! This is my manicure for Autumn, I mentioned in my last post that I hate winter, and I’m already really really starting to feel the effects of winter drawing in (I suffer from SAD – well I seem to suffer from it all year round pretty much lol, but it is much worse in the winter) so I thought I’d do a nice manicure to try and cheer me up a little bit.

This is the falling leaves design from Konad plate M20 with Konad Gold Special polish, Konad Orange Special Polish and Konad Deep Jungle Princess Polish over Diamond Cosmetics Joust For Kicks. I really like it, although in hindsight I should have used a red rather than the green, to stay with the colour family, but I was having a bad day yesterday and wasn’t really concentrating on what I was doing and it genuinely didn’t occur to me! Hope you like it!


A few more Diamond Cosmetics swatches September 17, 2009

I had no internet today from getting up at 8am until around half past 5.  None.  This made me sad and grumpy!  But my husband is home now and I feel a bit happier 🙂  So, because I had no internet and I’m not a big fan of TV (especially not daytime TV), and because the sun has been out a little today, I decided to make some headway with my swatching! So there are 6 swatches here, but there’s only one of each so don’t worry, it’s not TOO picture heavy.

Diamond Cosmetics, Hue Are You?

Diamond Cosmetics, Hue Are You?

I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about Hue Are You?.  In the bottle it looked lovely but I don’t know, it didn’t seem as nice on my nails as I’d expected it to be.   Although it clearly looks the same on my nails as it does in the bottle, juding from the picture, so I don’t know what I’d expected!  I also made one heck of a mess putting it on, as you can see from the picture!  It was a good formula though and dried well, and is definitely packed with lots of tiny weeny gold micro glitter stuff.  It IS nice, I think I was just expecting something different for some crazy reason!

Diamond Cosmetics, Metallic Blue
Diamond Cosmetics, Metallic Blue

This was LOVELY!  Like a blue version of Monarch Masquerade I guess.  I really liked it.  Great formula, dried really fast, the difference in depth of colour between one coat and two was incredible!  It went on fairly patchy on the first coat (which I think was more due to my application as I was trying to avoid my mum’s dog at the time!) but on the second it was just pure perfection!  Beautiful!  Nobody should be without a metallic blue or a metallic purple. 

Diamond Cosmetics, Yukon Gold
Diamond Cosmetics, Yukon Gold

When I first saw this in it’s bottle I really wasn’t impressed with it AT ALL!  In fact I think the actual thought was simply “yeuck”.  And, to be quite fair, it isn’t as gold as it looks in Diamond’s swatches, however, once I put it on I really liked it.  It’s like a paler chocolate colour.  It’s totally not the same colour at all but it reminds me of Caramac chocolate.  Or maybe toffe flavoured hot chocolate.  Not as dark as milk chocolate but it DOES make me think of chocolate (as I’m sure we’ve established by now!)  I did really like this and I will be wearing it again (even though I initially didn’t think I would.)

Diamond Cosmetics, Feelin Groovy

Diamond Cosmetics, Feelin' Groovy

Ok so it took me a lot of willpower to swatch this, I’m not really a bright pink kinda gurl, but once it was on I liked it, it’s cute and summery.  I suppose it’s a glossy version of Matte Mulberry.  It does have a very subtle shimmer to it…maybe a ‘sheen’ is a more appropriate name than a shimmer.  It’s nice 🙂  Would make an awesome base for a black full nail Konad.  (Note to self:  TRY lol).
Diamond Cosmetics, Never So Ever-Green

Diamond Cosmetics, Never So Ever-Green

Everyone raves about Never So Ever-Green and I can totally see why!  I’m really not a fan of dark greens, I’m more a mint green/teal/turquoise fan but I can totally appreciate this colour.  It’s really not an in-your-face shade, the gold teeny weeny microshimmer magic dust stuff (!) in there takes the edge off the green and it’s just beauteous and stunning.  I love it!
Diamond Cosmetics, Cheery Cherry

Diamond Cosmetics, Cheery Cherry

Lovely, Lovely, Lovely!  I thought this would be nice and it didn’t let me down.  It’s a strong cherry red, the formula is a little thin but it made no negative impact on application and I was a happy bunny!  Lol.  Got some shimmer/sheen in there too.  Lurvely!
Right Ladies, tomorrow will be Oh. Tiff! (and possibly the same with Glittler Silver over the top) and a couple other colours if I have time, as I actually have some plans other than sitting at home on my rapidly growing backside tomorrow.  Thanks for reading!  😀

Matte Burgundy and Party Hearty September 13, 2009

Hello Ladies,  I have two Diamond Swatches for you today, Matte Burgundy and Party Hearty.  I have to say I wasn’t too keen on Matte Burgundy, but then I’m not really a burgundy lover anyway and much as I do like the idea of mattes, I’m not really sure how much they suit me, although I really did love Matte Mulberry.  Party Hearty was a complete surprise for me though.  A few of the colours I ordered from Diamond were ones I couldn’t really see me wearing.  These are the ones which have surprised me the most.  Party Hearty is the first of those  (Another noticeable surprise although I haven’t worn it yet was Iced Plum which looks beautiful in the bottle.)  It is absolutely beautiful, opaque in one coat, and shines like I-don’t-know-what when the sun is on it!  It has a very champagne-gold colour to it and I love the finish, it is almost antique looking, or at least that’s what it inspired in me!  Here are a couple of pictures (sorry there’s only one of each)

Diamond Cosmetics, Matte Burgundy

Diamond Cosmetics, Matte Burgundy


Diamond Cosmetics, Party Hearty

Diamond Cosmetics, Party Hearty


See, so pretty!


My First Nails Inc August 31, 2009

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As I mentioned a few entries back, Nails Inc recently had a promotion to buy £50 of their products for £10, and you got a cuticle treatment roll-on, a bottle of nail hardener, some fast dry spray and three polishes of their choice.  Well my package arrived and although I wasn’t overly impressed with two of my polishes, this one stood out as being beautiful and amazing.  So much so that due to the fact I was already wearing polish, I even went to the trauma of testing it on one of my toes!! 

It is Nails Inc, Friendly Selfridges and it is just lovely, look!

Isn’t it nice?!  Not a colour I would have bought once upon a time but I’m starting to come round to these kinds of colours lately.  And I love this!!  These pictures don’t really do it justice as it just looks like a hardcore orange, but it has bronze, rusty, gold/green flashes in it too.  It’s fab!

Thanks for reading!  😀


Stargazer 128 Swatch/Review July 29, 2009

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I have to admit I am pretty wowed by this polish.  Stargazer have been around a good few years, but have recently started having concessions in New Look stores for their make-up range.  They also have a website with a buy online facility, Stargazer and it is worth noting that their polishes are 50p cheaper on their site than if you bought them from New Look, but obviously there is a postage charge to factor in there too.

For a budget line of polish, I am really pleased with this range so far. Granted, I have only swatched four of their colours, and only gone on to do one full manicure with one colour so far, but I am getting a very good feeling about this range! The bottles are great, I love them, and they’re 14ml instead of the usual 10-12ml, their colours are really nice – I had looked on the website a while back and wasn’t too impressed by the colours but yesterday when I saw them in the shop, I was pretty wowed. In fact I almost bought 8 bottles instead of four as I just couldn’t decided on which I wanted, as the choice was so difficult!

The formula was really nice although I have to say that these polishes have a strong smell, but not one I normally associate with nail polish – it’s quite a plastiky smell, quite odd. There is no information on either the bottles or the website about the formula so I don’t know if it’s b3f or not, but the website does say they don’t test on animals which is nice.

The brush is perhaps a little chunkier than I would like, but definitely not unmanageable, in fact in these pictures which will follow, I haven’t done any cleanup and they’re not too bad. I haven’t topcoated this as I didn’t want to risk dulling the duo shimmer before I took my pictures, and I painted them over 12 hours ago and I have no chipping or anything.

Drying time is good, not too long at all, in fact I would verge on calling them quick dry and they do actually dry, not go tacky or sticky. They dry to a nice normal smooth, solid finish. Thumbs up all round!

Ok now for the pics! All two coats on top of a basecoat, no topcoat (as mentioned) . I tried to get as many different variations in the colour as possible as it tends to swing from gold through bronze, orange and purple, with a little green flash in there too, but I don’t think i captured it very well really. Anyway here are the pics!

So, the colour?  AMAZING, I love it!  It’s really really nice, I love the duo-ness, I love the sheen and the shimmer.  It was definitely improved by appplying so well, I’m always a little put off even by a beautiful colour if it doesn’t apply well.  I am a definite Stargazer convert, and I will be back for more of their range!  The only thing I would say is that this perhaps needs a third coat as there was a teeny bit of VNL when I was looking at my nails last night, with the living room lights on, but in daytime light it’s pretty much totally invisible.

Thanks for readin, I’ll be swatching another soon!