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Playing Catch Up September 7, 2009

Hi Ladies!  Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, and when I have done it hasn’t been with any pictures of nails but I’m playing catch up today.  Just a quick note for those of you who are waiting for Diamond from me, it still hasn’t arrived but I will let you know when it does!

Ok first things first, today I received a parcel from the wonderful Kris who writes for Polish or Perish and I was gobsmacked! We’d arranged a little swap as Kris wanted to get her hands on some Stargazer, and I was desperate for Orly Cashmere Cardigan and China Glaze Lubu Heels. What I didn’t expect was the SIX extra polishes she included!! Thank you so much Kris!! Here is a little (not very good) picture of the goodies she sent me:

Cosmo Porsche Red | Lubu Heels | Sinful Colors San Francisco | Cashmere Cardigan | Milani Cloud 9 | Jade Suppressed Temptation | Piggy Polish Island Hopping | Massini Sheer Denim

Cosmo "Porsche Red" | Lubu Heels | Sinful Colors "San Francisco" | Cashmere Cardigan | Milani "Cloud 9" | Jade "Suppressed Temptation" | Piggy Polish "Island Hopping" | Massini "Sheer Denim"

 Here is the lovely mani I was wearing a few days ago: 


Sorry about the lines in that lact picture, that happens sometimes when I take pictures under my desk lamp for some reason.  The pink is Collection 2000 Hot Looks Vixen.  I can’t take credit for the loveliness of this though as I totally ripped it off from the FAB KonADDICT blog, which is an absolutely brilliat resource for all you nail art-ers out there.

And this little beauty which turned out SO CUTE if I do say so myself, was all my own creation.  In case you’re interested, I used Barry M in White, the Red was my “no name” from a make-up kit, Barry M Orange Block, Miss Sporty Yellow, Collection 2000 Hot Looks Ninja, Rimmel Azure, Stargazer 125 and Barry M Vivd Purple.  From that list of colours I bet you can guess what I made……













Right Hand (I dont much like the index or middle fingers but the ring and pinky are AWESOME!)

Right Hand (I don't much like the index or middle fingers but the ring and pinky are AWESOME!)



Awesome Cute-Kitsch!!  Love this!

Awesome Cute-Kitsch!! Love this!

How totally awesome is that manicure!!  If it hadn’t taken me over an hour I’d totally be doing it again at some point in the future!!!


Thanks for reading.  I hope you all have a fantastic week!  Mine has got off to a great start!  😀


Stargazer 125 Swatch August 15, 2009

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Remember how I said that the swatches on the Stargazer website are weird?!  Well I was ordering some polish for a swap and I decided to net myself a bottle too, so I ordered this:


That is the swatch on their website for polish number 125.  To me it looks like a dark purple with a silver-y almost glitter sheen to it, and perhaps some nice black tones in there too.   So the bottle came and it didn’t look too far different to the swatch, but different enough for me to have been alarmed if I didn’t know already that it wouldn’t be the same as the swatch.  Don’t get me wrong I know swatches on screen aren’t always accurate due to monitor differences etc, but this clearly seems to have a teeny micro glitter type finish to it.

So, I started to paint it on and discovered, which I was NOT expecting from the appearance of the bottle OR the swatch that IT IS SHEER!  Totally threw me, and at this point I did actually get out the invoice and check that it was the right polich that I had been sent.  It was.  Three coats later and we are pretty close to  bottle colour.  It’s a nice colour don’t get me wrong but it just doesn’t do it for me, which is odd as I am a purple lover.  Maybe cos of the surprise of discovering it was totally NOT what I’d expected.  Anyway these pictures are FOUR coats!  There isn’t much difference between four and three, but I’d got loads of bubbles in and dented a couple of nails through carelessness when drying so I put an extra coat on to try to even things out.

Sorry for the rambling!


Just because I decided to make my point even further, here is the swatch for Stargazer 128 from their website:

and here is 128, the bottle and on me:

See the difference?!


That’s 135 which I haven’t properly swatched yet but you can see here (majorly bad rushed application):

Misleading to say the least!!  Come on Stargazer!  Sort it out!

Thanks for reading! 😀


I think this could be my favourite Konad Pattern August 13, 2009

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I just love the daisy pattern from M41.  I’ve used it several times (Like Here ) and whenever I’m stuck for inspiration and want an effective but no-brainer Konad mani it’s totally my go-to-guy. This mani used the Stargazer Red polish I bought in my haul a few posts back, it has no number though so I’m not sure which polish it is. It’s pretty though.

I’ve just ordered a few polishes from Stargazer, mainly for a swap but I got myself one which you will be seeing swatched very soon.  Watch this space!  Thanks for reading!


Another Stargazer Swatch and an unmitigated Konad disaster! July 31, 2009

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Hi, I’m back 🙂

Today I have some pictures for you of the red Stargazer polish I showed in my haul.  Unfortunately it doesn’t have a number sticker on the bottle, and I’ve just been through all the colour swatches of all the different ypes of polish on the Stargazer website and I can’t for the life of me figure out which colour it could be.  Their swatches are so weird.

Anyway, I really loved this colour, it’s a GORGEOUS cherry red, absolutely stunning.  It does have a bit of a gold shimmer to it too.  My only disappointment is, it didn’t dry very well.  It stayed pretty soft for ages afterwards, in fact I had painted it on, taken some pictures and left it a good 45 minutes or so, then started to wash some dishes and wrecked the whole manicure, as it was just not dry enough.  So I’m not sure what happened there.  I also tried to Konad over it and I will show you what happened there!  My nail ended up being painted THREE times yesterday, in the space of a few hours.

Here are some pictures:

So those were all with two coats, one base coat and no top coat.  Then I did dishes and it totally broke.  I’d also like to say, this polish was on for literally an hour, hour and a half tops, with the same base coat I always use, and when I took it off, even after such a short time it had TOTALLY stained my nails.  I never really get any staining so I don’t know what happened there.  So, I re-did it but as I’d always intended to Konad over it, I only did one coat this time.  The colour wasn’t that much different really.  Sorry by the way for the crappy clean up on these.

So I wanted a full nail, and was gonna do it with China Glaze OMG, as I haven’t Konaded with a non Konad polish for so long!  And I thought the two would go together really well.  SO I set up all my stuff, sat on the floor, and decided to use the full nail argyle pattern from plate M60.  The stamp picked up the polish properly, the polish was fine, I pressed it on my thumbnail using my usual technique….and only half the design stuck.  I thought it might be the China Glaze even though I’ve Konaded with it before, so I took as much of it off as I could without damaging the red underneath (resolving to do a second coat when I’d Konaded the others) and set to with the Silver Special Polish on my other fingers.  The same thing happened again!  Here is a picture:

No what the hell is the deal with this!!  This has NEVER happened to me before.  I don’t know if it was the Stargazer or I was just really unlucky or what.  But, the upshot was, off came the red, and I decided to repaint with the green (135) which I will show you later.  I was wanting to Konad this too but I don’t know if I dare!

Has anyone else had this problem?

Thanks for reading!  😀


Stargazer 128 Swatch/Review July 29, 2009

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I have to admit I am pretty wowed by this polish.  Stargazer have been around a good few years, but have recently started having concessions in New Look stores for their make-up range.  They also have a website with a buy online facility, Stargazer and it is worth noting that their polishes are 50p cheaper on their site than if you bought them from New Look, but obviously there is a postage charge to factor in there too.

For a budget line of polish, I am really pleased with this range so far. Granted, I have only swatched four of their colours, and only gone on to do one full manicure with one colour so far, but I am getting a very good feeling about this range! The bottles are great, I love them, and they’re 14ml instead of the usual 10-12ml, their colours are really nice – I had looked on the website a while back and wasn’t too impressed by the colours but yesterday when I saw them in the shop, I was pretty wowed. In fact I almost bought 8 bottles instead of four as I just couldn’t decided on which I wanted, as the choice was so difficult!

The formula was really nice although I have to say that these polishes have a strong smell, but not one I normally associate with nail polish – it’s quite a plastiky smell, quite odd. There is no information on either the bottles or the website about the formula so I don’t know if it’s b3f or not, but the website does say they don’t test on animals which is nice.

The brush is perhaps a little chunkier than I would like, but definitely not unmanageable, in fact in these pictures which will follow, I haven’t done any cleanup and they’re not too bad. I haven’t topcoated this as I didn’t want to risk dulling the duo shimmer before I took my pictures, and I painted them over 12 hours ago and I have no chipping or anything.

Drying time is good, not too long at all, in fact I would verge on calling them quick dry and they do actually dry, not go tacky or sticky. They dry to a nice normal smooth, solid finish. Thumbs up all round!

Ok now for the pics! All two coats on top of a basecoat, no topcoat (as mentioned) . I tried to get as many different variations in the colour as possible as it tends to swing from gold through bronze, orange and purple, with a little green flash in there too, but I don’t think i captured it very well really. Anyway here are the pics!

So, the colour?  AMAZING, I love it!  It’s really really nice, I love the duo-ness, I love the sheen and the shimmer.  It was definitely improved by appplying so well, I’m always a little put off even by a beautiful colour if it doesn’t apply well.  I am a definite Stargazer convert, and I will be back for more of their range!  The only thing I would say is that this perhaps needs a third coat as there was a teeny bit of VNL when I was looking at my nails last night, with the living room lights on, but in daytime light it’s pretty much totally invisible.

Thanks for readin, I’ll be swatching another soon!


New Hoard July 28, 2009

As I have been feeling sorry for myself recently, and as I needed to make amends to myself for chopping off my nails, I have treated myself to a new hoard!  Yesterday I bought a Miss Sporty nameless colour from the ‘dollar store’ (pound shop) which was a metallic-esque cherry red.  Today I bought 4 Stargazer colours.  £2.50 each, fab prices.  I was thinking of trying to get hold of them to supply them on my website, but I want to concentrate on buying the Diamond Cosmetics range first.  These are some seriously massive bottles, 14ml in each.  The brush is a bit chunky but it’s not too bad to work with, even when you have (newly) short little dinky nails!

None of these polishes have names, just numbers (next pic)

None of these polishes have names, just numbers (next pic)

170 , 135, 128, No number sticker :-(, Miss sporty nameless

170 , 135, 128, No number sticker :-(, Miss sporty nameless

All of them but the Miss Sporty

All of them but the Miss Sporty

Miss Sporty and the Stargazer red, almost dupes!

Miss Sporty and the Stargazer red, almost dupes!


I am in the process of doing a proper swatch of 128 (the gorgeous duo purple/rust/gold colour) so I will update once I have done it!


Thanks for reading 😀