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Swatch: Barry M Blue Glitter July 10, 2009

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Wowza! I do love the red more, lots more, but the blue is also something pretty darn special!! These polishes look SO beautiful in sunlight it’s unreal! And yes, Glittermillie I did have a nightmare getting it off – the red moreso than the blue, but I found it to be a little easier if you put plenty of remover on a cotton pad, make it pretty soaking, then hold it against the nail for a couple of minutes, just still before you start moving it across your nail. It seemed to help me. I still used 12 cotton pads (both side of each) taking this off, as I did with the red! (I can usually remove two hands worth of polish on about 4 pads.)

Anyway here are some pictures, I did use a funky French on this again, M44, tried to do them all on an angle again and managed to accidentally get two of them straight, typically when I didn’t want them straight I managed to do it!

That bottom picture is indoors under electric light not natural.  The weird thing about this polish (that i found) is that you can paint it on and it can be totally dry but if you haven’t topcoated it, it’s really easy to take a chunk out of it by accident.  There’s so much glitter in it, it doesn’t seem to dry hard like polish, so you really need the TC to seal it.  You can see on my ring finger in the second picture, I’d knocked it whilst answering the door before I started Konading, so there was no TC on, and a big old hole appeared in the polish 😦


New Konad Goodness! June 19, 2009

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So my Konad Pro Salon Kit came on Tuesday.  I did take some pictures of it but they came out blurry (not good since my other job is a professional photographer!)  So I won’t be uploading them!  However I have done some lovely new Konads on some falsies – I was trying to use at least two different designs on most of the nails as I don’t have any proper full nail designs on any of my plates (the Pro Salon Kit only goes up to plate m49 I think it is) and I tend to have some sort of mental block when I’m trying to think which designs would work with what, etc.  So, I took a little bit of inspiration from pictures in the Konad book which shows different designs for the first 30-odd plates, and then worked in some of my own ideas from there.  So here’s some new goodness…

^^Ok so I thought I’d really like this when I decided to do it, and I do like it, but I seem to be cursed whenever I try to Konad in Silver or Gold.  For some reason it always comes out very pale and I don’t seem to every be able to get good coverage.  This was also the first time I’ve ever used one of the Konad French tip plates, and as you can see the silver didn’t ‘stick’ on one side.  Ah well, live and learn!

^^ *Sigh* I LOVE this!  I only wish my nails were long enough and slim enough to do this on myself.  Obviously I have had a few issues here with the designs not going on as cleanly as they could/should but I’m still getting to grips with the whole Konad thing, and I’m actually very proud of this!  In a way I sort of like that it isn’t perfect. 

^^ Whilst I do like this, I don’t think I’d wear it myself.  I’m just not an animal print kind of girl!  I put glitter over it because it seemed very bare when it was done and you could see a bit of overlap from where I’d had to join the design as this isn’t quite a full plate (and these nails are super long.)  However the only glitter I have is blue/green so I wasn’t sure if it would look ok.  I think it’s not too bad though.

^^ Sorry about the ‘No Name’ polishes – they are from a make-up set I was bought for Christmas and once I threw out the packaging I had no idea what the company was called.  Anyway, I digress.  I quite like this, if only it was crisper.  The red star gem at the bottom is covering a blank patch where the design didn’t all go onto the nail.  I really like the image I’ve used to tip the nail, but it always looks SO much better on everyone else’s designs than mine!

^ When I first started this nail, I wanted to just do the daisy print as a full nail.  However I printed it on at the bottom and was astounded by how awesome it looked against the plain nail.  So, I don’t know why I decided to tip it, or why I thought that tip would be a good idea but never mind.  Sorry about the quality of the pic by the way, it is actually one of the few nails I’ve done where it does actually look crisp, but the pic isn’t as sharp as I’d have liked.  I did a version of this nail for my own manicure last night, using the daisy print as a diagonal tip (black on white again) putting butterflies in the bottom corner of the nail too.  It looks awesome!

^^ YAY FOR STARS!  I LOVE stars!  I just had to use this tip as I think it is awesome.  Couldn’t think of what else to put with it so I chose the laces.  I don’t really like it, but I so will be using that tip again.

^^ I Think this is my fave.  I just think it looks amazing!  Perhaps I’m deluded 🙂  Anyway I love this pink, I will probably be purchasing another bottle of it in case they stop making it.  This is kind of similar to one of the designs in the Konad booklet, but I like it all the same.


^^I really REALLY like this one too.  Hello Sailor is SUCH a gorgeous colour.  Brilliant. I think this is quite subtle (the Konading rather than the colour of course.)  Like it lots 😀

So that’s it for now, sorry about the quality of the pictures, and sorry for it being a crazy long post!