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Maybelline Mirror Image July 2, 2009

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Whilst this polish may not be news at all to most of you reading this, I have only just bought some.  I saw it reviewed on another blog a while ago and then I also found it on The Nailphile and I had to have it!  It was actually a purchase quite heavily influenced by my husband, as I’d obsessed over China Glaze OMG and had a bottle shipped from the US and promptly almost peed myself with excitement when it arrived…….and he just didn’t get it!  But he did one day see a bottle of Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength nail hardener and comment that if I could find a polish like that, he’d love it.  So I did!!  And he does!

This didn’t go on too well for me, I’ve found with this and the last few manicures I’ve done I’ve got little tiny bubbles appearing in the polish (which I have read about on other blogs and gloated silently to myself, thinking “That doesn’t EVER happen to me!” – Karma bites.) I don’t know if it is maybe to do with the heat increase around here?  I sat out in the backyard in the sun to do this manicure and I honestly WINCED when I first started to paint the silver on, it was that shiny.  It does look awesome, but at fairly close up I can see all the flaws an imperfections in my nail surfaces which is pretty irritating.  Especially that damned crack in my left middle finger nail (as you’ll see all too easily from the pictures.)

I was accompanied by next door’s cat, Pebbles whilst I did this, I adore her, she’s one of the most amusing cats I’ve ever known.  I’d love a cat but Hubby says no at the moment so I just play with her instead!  There are a couple of pictures of her at the bottom too 🙂

^^Those were both after the first coat – see what I mean about my middle finger’s nail?  :-((

^^After one coat of base and three of silver.  Shiny Shiny!!!

And Pebbles…..



6 Responses to “Maybelline Mirror Image”

  1. Deez Says:

    Really? I think this looks pretty good, an I am certain that the bubbles are from the heat& humidity – cuz this happened to me too ♥.

    I have seen maybelline mirror finish on fake nails, where there is no imperfections at all, I guess that would be the best way to get a perfect mirrors finish?

  2. Lucy Says:

    That is a gorgeous polish. Looks pretty on you. I do see the crack on your nail. How are you keeping it from breaking? Nice to have another nail blog to read. The cat is so cute.

    • The crack was just in one layer of my nails so it wasn’t too much of an issue, but is now a proper crack and is starting to catch on things 😦 The problem is, it’s in a half moon shape so it goes virtually right down to the smile line, so I can’t even file my nail a bit shorter 😦 I’ve just been putting polish on it in the hope that it will stop it snagging but it’s getting worse. I was thinking of finding out if there’s a salon here which does nail wraps.

  3. pixelsandpolish Says:

    I think it looks fabulous on you, what an incredible shine and colour!

  4. alison Says:

    hi,just read all the letters about the varnish..has anyone else seen Pamela Andersons nails when she had them ‘mirrored’, they were amazing! ive just travelled to America , Dubai & Australia with no success..any help please..its a lot more reflective than the nail pics above..thanks

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