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Swatch/Review: George at Asda, Indigo Dazzle July 1, 2009

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I’ve finally just about recovered from the traumatic experience of Streamer by George at Asda, and since I’d chipped off some of the bridal manicure I was wearing, I decided to do the review of Indigo Dazzle.  I bought it because it looks duotone in the bottle, in fact more than that, it’s a clearly indigo colour (as the name suggests of course), but when you move the bottle you can see shades of purple and green in there too.  I had to have it.

It applied in a similar fashion to Streamer, ie pretty badly, only this was not quite so bad, perhaps because it isn’t a creme?  I did still have major coverage issues (big globs and bare patches on the same nail) but, having learned from last time, I made sure I had a lot on the end of the brush to work with – and as a bonus this time I managed NOT to paint my cuticles as I was well prepared!  This is possibly the tidiest manicure I’ve ever given myself.

These were taken in slightly overcast but still fairly sunny light, outside.  I haven’t taken any inside pictures.  The middle picture probably does it the most justic in terms of the colour, as the other two make it look very black, but I’d probably describe it as an inky indigo blue, rather than the dark navy/black it looks on these pictures.  So, definitely no duotone in there, although if I tilt my nails to the side so they catch the light I can see the slightest darkening to purple, but that could just be wishful thinking!  It is quite a dazzly polish as the name suggests, so I’d say it’s name is pretty accurate but I won’t forgive it for looking like a duo in the bottle but not on my fingers 😥      I’m so much more pleased with Indigo Dazzle’s performance than I was with Streamer’s and might consider buying more George polishes, if I saw one I liked and it wasn’t a creme!

I think I’m going to leave this as a plain colour, we’ve been having a heatwave here and I don’t deal well with the heat, and I just can’t be pestered to do any Konading so I think I might have naked nails for a while!

In other news, I’ve just got a nice supply of really good glass files in my shop, they’re great quality and I’m selling them for a great price so if you’ve been wanting one, go see them!  (I can currently only ship to UK I’m afraid.)  Also, I read a review of  Diamond Cosmetics on Getcha Nails Did recently, and thought they sounded pretty awesome, and I’ve been in touch with them to ask about supplying their products, and they were very excited to hear from me as there is currently no supplier for Diamond Cosmetics in the UK.  So once I get the money together to make the order, I will let you know and some of you UK readers may be the first to get your hands on some Diamond polishes in the UK!  (For some reason WordPress isn’t letting me do embedded, tidy links but here is the first part of Getcha Nails Did’s Diamond Cosmetics Review: http://getchanailsdid.blogspot.com/2009/06/diamond-cosmetics-review-part-1.html  )