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Diamond Cosmetics Cheery Cherry October 20, 2009

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So Lucy requested Cheery Cherry from my polish haul.  I applied two coats and just wasn’t feeling it for some reason, so I went with a third.  Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood to appreciate red that day, but I was looking at it thinking “boring” (don’t get me wrong it is a nice colour but I’ve been in a bit of a colour funk lately) so I decided to Konad it.  As such I don’t have any pictures of it bare, as it were, and there was soooo much gloss that the pictures haven’t come out great because there was major glare from the sun, but here it is.  (Konaded with Konad Dark Purple special polish and M63)

Photo0596Photo0599It looks a bit rubbish on the pictures but it looked really really nice in person.

I’ve had a bit of good news lately which I will probably share at some point but in celebration I bought myself a bottle of Gosh polish.  I’ve had my eyes on it for a while now, it’s called Rainbow and it is a bottle of opal-esque flakies in clear topcoat and it is lovely!  So I will be showing some pics of that soon and then I will get round to wearing Helen’s suggestion 🙂

Thanks for reading, hope you are all well 🙂


Autumnal Konadicure October 11, 2009

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Hey girls! I actually have not only a post, not only a post with nails in BUT a post with some Konad in it! It’s been a while, in fact it feels like it’s been forever! This is my manicure for Autumn, I mentioned in my last post that I hate winter, and I’m already really really starting to feel the effects of winter drawing in (I suffer from SAD – well I seem to suffer from it all year round pretty much lol, but it is much worse in the winter) so I thought I’d do a nice manicure to try and cheer me up a little bit.

This is the falling leaves design from Konad plate M20 with Konad Gold Special polish, Konad Orange Special Polish and Konad Deep Jungle Princess Polish over Diamond Cosmetics Joust For Kicks. I really like it, although in hindsight I should have used a red rather than the green, to stay with the colour family, but I was having a bad day yesterday and wasn’t really concentrating on what I was doing and it genuinely didn’t occur to me! Hope you like it!


Nails Inc Knightsbridge September 24, 2009

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Hey Ladies!!  How are you all?  Well, I hope.

Just one pic again today as the others I took were a bit rubbish, but this is Nails Inc, Knightsbridge.  I needed cheering up the day I wore this as EVERYTHING is seeming to go wrong at the moment for my husband and I.   So a funky, loud colour and a cute Konad were the order of the day for me.  I really love this colour, it’s kind of red, orange and coral all at once, I can’t really describe it.  I really enjoyed wearing it though.  Here’s my simple (but effective) Konadicure!

Nails Inc Knightsbridge, Konad M10 and M11 (thumbs)

Nails Inc Knightsbridge, Konad M10 and M11 (thumbs)

Heee heee, I love these little guys!  M10 is one of my favourite plates, and yet I’ve never used it before this Konadicure.  I also used, on my thumbs, the two ‘cats’ off M11, with their tails facing each other, it was so cute! 

I’m currently wearing Nails Inc Buckingham Palace, which is a purple jellyish polish, and I’m not sure about it.  I’ll try to remember to take pictures before I remove it. 

Thanks for reading!  😀


Playing Catch Up September 7, 2009

Hi Ladies!  Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, and when I have done it hasn’t been with any pictures of nails but I’m playing catch up today.  Just a quick note for those of you who are waiting for Diamond from me, it still hasn’t arrived but I will let you know when it does!

Ok first things first, today I received a parcel from the wonderful Kris who writes for Polish or Perish and I was gobsmacked! We’d arranged a little swap as Kris wanted to get her hands on some Stargazer, and I was desperate for Orly Cashmere Cardigan and China Glaze Lubu Heels. What I didn’t expect was the SIX extra polishes she included!! Thank you so much Kris!! Here is a little (not very good) picture of the goodies she sent me:

Cosmo Porsche Red | Lubu Heels | Sinful Colors San Francisco | Cashmere Cardigan | Milani Cloud 9 | Jade Suppressed Temptation | Piggy Polish Island Hopping | Massini Sheer Denim

Cosmo "Porsche Red" | Lubu Heels | Sinful Colors "San Francisco" | Cashmere Cardigan | Milani "Cloud 9" | Jade "Suppressed Temptation" | Piggy Polish "Island Hopping" | Massini "Sheer Denim"

 Here is the lovely mani I was wearing a few days ago: 


Sorry about the lines in that lact picture, that happens sometimes when I take pictures under my desk lamp for some reason.  The pink is Collection 2000 Hot Looks Vixen.  I can’t take credit for the loveliness of this though as I totally ripped it off from the FAB KonADDICT blog, which is an absolutely brilliat resource for all you nail art-ers out there.

And this little beauty which turned out SO CUTE if I do say so myself, was all my own creation.  In case you’re interested, I used Barry M in White, the Red was my “no name” from a make-up kit, Barry M Orange Block, Miss Sporty Yellow, Collection 2000 Hot Looks Ninja, Rimmel Azure, Stargazer 125 and Barry M Vivd Purple.  From that list of colours I bet you can guess what I made……













Right Hand (I dont much like the index or middle fingers but the ring and pinky are AWESOME!)

Right Hand (I don't much like the index or middle fingers but the ring and pinky are AWESOME!)



Awesome Cute-Kitsch!!  Love this!

Awesome Cute-Kitsch!! Love this!

How totally awesome is that manicure!!  If it hadn’t taken me over an hour I’d totally be doing it again at some point in the future!!!


Thanks for reading.  I hope you all have a fantastic week!  Mine has got off to a great start!  😀


I used Streamer again! August 22, 2009

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Remember This Post?  Yes the absolute horror of Streamer.  Well I honestly didn’t think I’d use it again after the trauma I had with it, but the other day I must have been feeling favourable as I thought I’d use it as a nice base to Konad over.  I figured that it didn’t matter too much if it looked awful after application as I’d be covering it with Konad anyway.  So I went for it!  And I’m glad I did.  Here’s the finished result

George Streamer, Konad Blue Special Polish, M24

George Streamer, Konad Blue Special Polish, M24


These are full sunlight pictures but they were taken indoors!  I don’t know if I mentioned in my very brief previous post that we have been having new windows fitted this week, and we’ve gone from horrid old single glazed windows which have been in for years and years, with rotten wooden frames complete with peeling paint and a lifetime of dust around them, to beautiful new double glazed unit with lovely whic UPVC frames, and the house seems so much lighter!  The downside is, my house has been a state, all dusty etc for the last 5 days, I’ve been washing my hands and doing washing up etc a LOT because of the dust and my hands are now a dry, cracked, injured mess,  which you’ll see in the next post.


Thanks for reading!  😀


I think this could be my favourite Konad Pattern August 13, 2009

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I just love the daisy pattern from M41.  I’ve used it several times (Like Here ) and whenever I’m stuck for inspiration and want an effective but no-brainer Konad mani it’s totally my go-to-guy. This mani used the Stargazer Red polish I bought in my haul a few posts back, it has no number though so I’m not sure which polish it is. It’s pretty though.

I’ve just ordered a few polishes from Stargazer, mainly for a swap but I got myself one which you will be seeing swatched very soon.  Watch this space!  Thanks for reading!


A sheer and flowery Konad July 28, 2009

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I did this lovely (ish) mani on Sunday night.  Unfortunately I had already severely split my thumbnail and teabagging it wasn’t working, and then I split the middle finger on the other hand, so I guess my nails were telling me they were too weak, so I chopped them all down   :’-(    they feel really strange now, really sort of sharp and weak but they will start to grow again soon.

Anyway here is the said mani:

Base coat: Revlon (Color Beam Sheer range) Night Light - from the pound shop (or Dollar store as you guys call it which sounds so much better!)

Base coat: Revlon (Color Beam Sheer range) Night Light - from the pound shop (or Dollar store as you guys call it which sounds so much better!)Konad was done in Deep Jungle and Blue Pearl Princess Polishes, and M29

The little pink flower gem came with my Pro Salon Kit (Id like to add, I knocked THEM ALL out of the container and spent about 15 minutes picking them up with tweezers :-( )

The little pink flower gem came with my Pro Salon Kit (I'd like to add, I knocked THEM ALL out of the container and spent about 15 minutes picking them up with tweezers 😦 )

I’ve had the Revlon a while, bought it in the ‘dollar store’ because I really liked it, but it’s just TOO sheer for me normally.  However I really fancied something a bit more sheer when I did this and it’s about the only sheer I have, so it got used.  It says it is free of two of the big three, so I’m not sure if it’s free of all of them or not.  It is very thin and watery but it did apply well, and although you can’t tell from these pics, it’s got a nice shimmer to it, and it’s a bit more lilac than it looks in these pics.  The only thing I don’t like is, it makes the tips of your nails look green for some reason!  I may consider using it to layer over another colour next time.