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Swatch/Review – Dynasty July 11, 2009

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Given the trouble I had with Streamer, you’d think that I’d have had the sense to steer well clear of cremes.  But no.  I become blinkered with pretty polish colours.  It works like this: I see, I want.  That’s the entire thought process.  (Not the entire purchasing process, that usually involves several “pleading with my husband to let me spend more money on nail polish” and “waiting till we have more money” stages, but I digress.)  I saw these colours and without any regard for the nightmare that was Streamer, I bought 5 more cremes! 

Dynasty is like a lilac version of Streamer, colour wise (if that makes any sense.)  It looks creamy and chalky all at the same time, subtle and pretty too.  It didn’t have quite as many horrific application issues as Streamer did (I’m only comparing the two because they are both fast dry pastel cremes – I suppose that’s asking for trouble now I think about it! – not because they’re the same brand, of course) but application was still not without streaks and issues.  I used the dip the brush, bring it out of the bottle without touching the inside of the bottle neck method, it seems to work, as long as you don’t make a mess with it on your cuticles, you do end up with a fairly even coat. 

Collection 2000 claim this polish dries in 60 seconds.  I couldn’t agree less.  I wouldn’t say it’s particularly fast drying, in fact it has the annoying fault of most so called fast dry polishes – they are difficult to apply and then they don’t dry fast, they just go tacky and take ages to harden properly.  It took LONGER than it would have taken to wait for a normal polish before I dared to attempt a second coat, because I find with fast dry if it’s not quite dry and you start painting over it while it’s still sticky, you just get lots of drag and an uneven second coat.  I finished this manicure about an hour and a half ago and I know if I pressed the tip of one nail against the polish on another it would still leave a mark. (Although to be fair there is a thick coat of Konad TC on there too).

Anyway, if you can work around the tricky application and forget that this polish claims to be fast drying, you will be more than happy with if for its price, and the lovely lovely colour.  Here are some pics:

The bottom one is more true to the colour.  It was really hard to photograph because the sun was so bright, the colour was getting washed out in all of the pics, so there’s only those two of it plain.  But then I added some Konad and a nice little star rhinestone as well.  Mainly because I don’t think the colour particularly suits me, but interestingly it has darkened with the TC, so it looks a bit better.)  [Konad info: Psyche Pink and plate M33.]

For the record, I don’t really like this combination, I think the Psyche Pink is a little too neon to go with the Dynasty so my bad, and I also think the whole thing looks like something a Primary school kid would wear!

I’ll review another of the Hot Looks polishes next time.  Thanks for reading 🙂


New Polishes! Collection 2000 Hot Looks.

I’ve just treated myself – AGAIN – to some new polishes.  7 to be exact.  (Although one of them was a replacement bottle of Hello Sailor (despite it being less than halfway empty).  When I went to buy my bottle of Hello Sailor, I saw that Collection 2000 who make it have released a new range of mini polishes.  The range is called Hot Looks and according to Collection 2000’s website, they are 80’s inspired colours.  Admittedly, my branch of Superdug didn’t have every colour in by the time I saw it yesterday, but I don’t think I’d really say 80s was the first thing that ocurred to me when I saw the range.  I’d have classified it (and still would, actually) as a combination of neons and cremes all in really funky fresh brights.  Although now I’ve written that, I suppose that’s what the current 80s revival is all about so……..*shrugs*

These polishes are in 8ml bottles and they cost £1.75 at Superdrug but are currently on an offer where you can buy two for £2.99.  Either way, with or without the offer, they’re really not a bad price.  So, I bought six!  I have purchased Ninja (a mid green – neither neon nor creme, I’m inclined to say it’s a grass green but I think it’s a little dark for that), Button Moon (which looks a little like Streamer in the bottle – a mint green creme),  BMX Bandit (GORGEOUS looking cornflower blue creme), Dynasty (which I have swatched and reviewed, a lilac creme), Hoola Hoop (which is a sort of coral pink creme) and Vixen (a fuchsia glitter/shimmer, kind of neon I suppose).

Ninja, Button Moon, BMX Bandit, Dynasty, Hoola Hoop, Vixen

Ninja, Button Moon, BMX Bandit, Dynasty, Hoola Hoop, Vixen