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Swatch/Review – George at Asda, Streamer June 27, 2009

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Ok so yesterday my long suffering (but very wonderful) husband let me finall buy a couple of new bottles of polish.  I’ve been on a bit of a nail polish embargo since I bought the Konad Pro Salon Kit (even though it was kind of a business expense) but we were shopping yesterday and we went into the Asda At Home superstore, and I saw their own brand (George) of nail polish.  They are only £1.48 a bottle (although only 5ml bottles) so I thought, why not!  He let me buy two colours, one is a beautiful mint green creme, called Streamer, and the other is a midnight blue/purple duotone (well it looks duo in the bottle) called Indigo Dazzle.

So I’ve just sat down to start a nice new mani with Streamer and so far, I’m NOT impressed at all.  The polish is quick dry and it is an absolute nightmare to apply.  You know sometimes when your base coat isn’t quite dry enough and your first colour coat kind of snags on it and you can’t paint it on properly?  Well this is like that.  Unless you have a huge glob of paint on the brush (ie dip it right into the bottle and take it back out with no wiping) it is impossible to apply – once it hits the nail it becomes very difficult to move it around the nails.  I will put some first coat pics up.  I’ve got streaks and snags and it’s all over my cuticles and fingers.  It’s also going to be on so thickly that I can’t see it staying chip free for my usual two days between manis.  Here are some pictures taken with the first coat…

I’m a little happier with it after the second coat but it still looks like someone who has never painted their nails before has done so, and with their eyes closed! 

^It’s a bit blurry but this is two coats, you can see there it hasn’t quite dragged to the very tip of the nail on my index finger.  (That crack on my middle finger is a major bend in my nail – I have no idea how I did it, it happened before my last mani (the Hello Sailor/Black daisies in the previous post) but it wasn’t visible through the polish, whereas it is now 😦 )

^My little finger on my right hand is probably the one with the best application.

Overall, this is a beautiful colour, and the price is great even if it is only for a dinky 5ml bottle (which would normally not be so bad, but the amount you have to slap on to get even a half decent coverage/application means it won’t last too long!) but I was very unimpressed with the application.  It will definitely need Konading.  I hope the Indigo Dazzle is better.  Maybe it’s just because this one is a creme….I have high hopes for the Indigo Dazzle, I’ll use that one next.  I’m off to Konad over this now!