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…And with some Konad… July 7, 2009

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I finally got around to Konading over the super amazing glittery red, the red didn’t suck all the gloss out of this badboy!  Yay!!

The Konad Top Coat has made it super SUPER shiny and glittery and red….I’m even more in love with it now!


:-O Red and Sparkle!!!

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So here it is!  I can’t stop looking at my fingers!  This polish is just freakin’ AWESOME!

How amazing can one polish be!!  I still have the blue and green to swatch but this one will be staying until at least tomorrow (I daren’t leave it much longer than that as I think it may stain, despite me putting two coats of base on instead of my usual one.)

It has a weird sort of matt texture on the nail – it is so jam-packed with micro glitter that it stays fairly rough but not in a horrible way.  I top coated it, and it made it extra shiny, but then it kind of absorbed most of the gloss out of the top coat so I don’t think it would be possible to have this feeling all smooth on the nail like ordinary polish.  But seriously, HOW amazing is it!!  I think I’m going to be brave and try to Konad over it.  Not sure how well it will work with the surfact not being smooth, but that would be awesome if I could get a funky french on here, so if it doesn’t go horribly I will update with more pictures later 🙂