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Swatch/Review – Vixen July 12, 2009

I didn’t expect to be posting a new swatch today, as I only did the swatch of Dynasty yesterday, but when I went to bed last night I noticed I had some Dynasty on one of my cuticles and, being the little tinker I am ( I still haven’t grown out of picking at things I should’t, like scabs for example), I decided to pick it.  To my surprise and vague horror, I peeled almost the entire nail of polish off in one big sheet!  It happened on most of the other nails too.  Well needless to say this left with the desperate need for a new manicure, but not before giving my fingernails so tlc this morning.

So here we are, I’ve gone for Vixen today because when I was thinking about what I wanted to do with my nails, I was thinking I fancied something a little bit punky and I had the perfect idea, inspired by my husband, all will be revealed further down the post!

This is Vixen:

It’s a really nice colour, and didn’t have as much of the applcation issues that I found with Dynasty.  However ad you can see on the second picture, there were all these little lumps in the polish after I’d finished applying it.  Now I’m not sure if these are possibly just little bubbles, as I painted it on pretty thick.  I guess they probably are, but I was glad I was going to be putting Konad over the top of it.  It did the annoying going tacky really fast and then never seeming to dry much more than that, like Dynasty, although not quite as bad.  I left it alone for about an hour before I started the Konading process.

Ok so my Konad was inspired by a little gift that my husband brought me yesterday, which was this:

I love Hello Kitty, and Pucca and other such cute things (I’m wearing a My Little Pony Tshirt as I type this!) and yesterday he went climbing for the day with one of his brothers and a friend, in the Lake District.  He saw this at a Motorway Service Station on the way home and decided to buy me it.  Aww 🙂  So, I thought I’d do a punky Hello Kitty design today.  I have a rucksack which is black and fuchsia (and which I can’t find a picture of online and it’s buried in a cupboard upstairs so I can’t go take a picture of it) and it added to my inspiration……I won’t keep you in suspense any longer!!

I LOVE THIS KONADICURE!!!!!  I didn’t really like the colour of Vixen on its own, it’s not really a colour I’d wear just plain (although that doesn’t really matter as I never ever just wear my nails with just a base colour on them, there’s always something else) but now I’ve added to them, I’m amazed at the results!  They don’t look like something I’ve done at all.  I used the Fishnet from M57 as well as the Pastel Pink special polish, and the Hello Kitty from the Fauxnad plates with Black Special Polish.  Then I added hot pink and black rhinestones the the middle parts of Hello Kitty’s bows.  On some fingers the fishnet didn’t quite go on fully/tidily and neither did the HK’s but as I was after a punky look, I decided it didn’t matter.  I tried to be as random as I could manage (I’m really not good at random, I prefer patterns) when I was stamping the Kitty’s on my nails.  I’m really pleased with it.

I think it’s interesting how Konad TC changes the colour of the polish underneath it.  I’d be irritated if I had a polish I loved and it made it look a lot different but I like what it’s done to this colour.  It now kind of reminds me of my wedding dress:

Yes that’s the actual dress I wore when I got married.  I’m not one for tradition.  Anyway, enough of my babbling.  Posting that picture has made me want to show you guys more of my wedding pics! Would you like to see some?  Also It’s made me want to do one of those “All about you” survey things, would you be interested in reading it?

Thanks for reading (If you didn’t fall asleep by now!) 😀