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Catching up again October 9, 2009

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Hello again my lovely readers,

I don’t have any pictures for you as we have had pretty dreadful gloomy overcast weather here so I haven’t been able to get any good pictures lately, but I just wanted to drop in and make a quick post to let you all know I’m still here, and I still read your blogs every day.  I have a lot going on at the moment which is a bit stressful and the start of Winter is already making me depressed so I’m really really looking forwards to March when the weather will hopefully start to turn a bit nicer.  I know it’s only October but for myriad reasons, I HATE this time of year.

Anyway on another note, I want to let all you UK ladies know that the 10% discount offer on Diamond on my website ends on the 11th.  I also want to let you know that at the moment I only have FOUR BOTTLES of Chainmail Charm left so if you have been on the fence about ordering and that’s one of the colours you want, you might want to hurry!

I am going to be placing a new order shortly, which will probably include some of the new Winter release of four colours (you can see them here on The Nailphile ) I say some of because I’m not too sure about Smokey Rose, but I will be ordering the other three colours.

I have got a local nail salon interested in selling Diamond so I will be getting a few different shades, and what I wanted to ask is, any of you girls in the UK, (or internationally who have ordered from me or are going to order from me), I’d really like to know if there’s a particular shade you want. I based my first order mainly on colours I liked from the swatches, but obviously I want to be able to supply my customers with what THEY want. So, if you are likely to buy from me and want to see a particular colour available, comment and let me know and I will see what I can do when the ordering time comes around 🙂

You can see the colours here: Diamond Colour Chart

Thanks for reading!