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Birthday Hoard! July 6, 2009

Today is my 26th birthday!  I generally don’t get gifts as I never ever know what I want, so people are amazingly kind enough to gift me money and then I still never know what I want!  However I have been coveting some polishes for a while so I treated myself! 

Here’s the full hoard:

L-R: Barry M Red Glitter 150 (this is the one I’ve been LUSTING after.  I love it.  I guess it’s similar to Ruby Pumps?  [Is that the right name?]), Barry M Blue Glitter (there is no sticker so I don’t know what number it is),  Barry M Green Glitter (very imaginative names as you can see) 298, Beauty UK  no40 – Silver, and Beauty UK  no45 – Purple.

The Barry M red I’ve had my eye on for ages, then I saw a friend wearing the blue and green and decided to have them too.  I bought the two Beauty UK ones because they were cheap (£1.49 per bottle) and I don’t have a silver glitter, and the purple one was soo pretty!

So I wore the purple one and have swatched that, I didn’t put it on over a base because I wanted to see how it looked, here are some shots,, these are all indoors not under sunlight but the colour tones are pretty spot-on.

I have taken that off now and swatched the red, and I’m speechless! It’s amazing and I LOVE IT.  However as it’s now nighttime there’s obviously no sunlight.  I tried takingpictures under the inside lights and the colours were just wrong, and then when I tried to use flash, the flash beam stopped the camera from focusing.  So fingers crossed for sun and no rain tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!