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Autumnal Konadicure October 11, 2009

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Hey girls! I actually have not only a post, not only a post with nails in BUT a post with some Konad in it! It’s been a while, in fact it feels like it’s been forever! This is my manicure for Autumn, I mentioned in my last post that I hate winter, and I’m already really really starting to feel the effects of winter drawing in (I suffer from SAD – well I seem to suffer from it all year round pretty much lol, but it is much worse in the winter) so I thought I’d do a nice manicure to try and cheer me up a little bit.

This is the falling leaves design from Konad plate M20 with Konad Gold Special polish, Konad Orange Special Polish and Konad Deep Jungle Princess Polish over Diamond Cosmetics Joust For Kicks. I really like it, although in hindsight I should have used a red rather than the green, to stay with the colour family, but I was having a bad day yesterday and wasn’t really concentrating on what I was doing and it genuinely didn’t occur to me! Hope you like it!


One Response to “Autumnal Konadicure”

  1. Lucy Says:

    Love your manicure. Looks really pretty with all of the Fall leaves. I have the same thing, SAD. I haven’t been officially diagnosed with it but I know for sure that I suffer from it. It really gets tough when there isn’t any sun for days.

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