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A few more Diamond Cosmetics swatches September 17, 2009

I had no internet today from getting up at 8am until around half past 5.  None.  This made me sad and grumpy!  But my husband is home now and I feel a bit happier 🙂  So, because I had no internet and I’m not a big fan of TV (especially not daytime TV), and because the sun has been out a little today, I decided to make some headway with my swatching! So there are 6 swatches here, but there’s only one of each so don’t worry, it’s not TOO picture heavy.

Diamond Cosmetics, Hue Are You?

Diamond Cosmetics, Hue Are You?

I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about Hue Are You?.  In the bottle it looked lovely but I don’t know, it didn’t seem as nice on my nails as I’d expected it to be.   Although it clearly looks the same on my nails as it does in the bottle, juding from the picture, so I don’t know what I’d expected!  I also made one heck of a mess putting it on, as you can see from the picture!  It was a good formula though and dried well, and is definitely packed with lots of tiny weeny gold micro glitter stuff.  It IS nice, I think I was just expecting something different for some crazy reason!

Diamond Cosmetics, Metallic Blue
Diamond Cosmetics, Metallic Blue

This was LOVELY!  Like a blue version of Monarch Masquerade I guess.  I really liked it.  Great formula, dried really fast, the difference in depth of colour between one coat and two was incredible!  It went on fairly patchy on the first coat (which I think was more due to my application as I was trying to avoid my mum’s dog at the time!) but on the second it was just pure perfection!  Beautiful!  Nobody should be without a metallic blue or a metallic purple. 

Diamond Cosmetics, Yukon Gold
Diamond Cosmetics, Yukon Gold

When I first saw this in it’s bottle I really wasn’t impressed with it AT ALL!  In fact I think the actual thought was simply “yeuck”.  And, to be quite fair, it isn’t as gold as it looks in Diamond’s swatches, however, once I put it on I really liked it.  It’s like a paler chocolate colour.  It’s totally not the same colour at all but it reminds me of Caramac chocolate.  Or maybe toffe flavoured hot chocolate.  Not as dark as milk chocolate but it DOES make me think of chocolate (as I’m sure we’ve established by now!)  I did really like this and I will be wearing it again (even though I initially didn’t think I would.)

Diamond Cosmetics, Feelin Groovy

Diamond Cosmetics, Feelin' Groovy

Ok so it took me a lot of willpower to swatch this, I’m not really a bright pink kinda gurl, but once it was on I liked it, it’s cute and summery.  I suppose it’s a glossy version of Matte Mulberry.  It does have a very subtle shimmer to it…maybe a ‘sheen’ is a more appropriate name than a shimmer.  It’s nice 🙂  Would make an awesome base for a black full nail Konad.  (Note to self:  TRY lol).
Diamond Cosmetics, Never So Ever-Green

Diamond Cosmetics, Never So Ever-Green

Everyone raves about Never So Ever-Green and I can totally see why!  I’m really not a fan of dark greens, I’m more a mint green/teal/turquoise fan but I can totally appreciate this colour.  It’s really not an in-your-face shade, the gold teeny weeny microshimmer magic dust stuff (!) in there takes the edge off the green and it’s just beauteous and stunning.  I love it!
Diamond Cosmetics, Cheery Cherry

Diamond Cosmetics, Cheery Cherry

Lovely, Lovely, Lovely!  I thought this would be nice and it didn’t let me down.  It’s a strong cherry red, the formula is a little thin but it made no negative impact on application and I was a happy bunny!  Lol.  Got some shimmer/sheen in there too.  Lurvely!
Right Ladies, tomorrow will be Oh. Tiff! (and possibly the same with Glittler Silver over the top) and a couple other colours if I have time, as I actually have some plans other than sitting at home on my rapidly growing backside tomorrow.  Thanks for reading!  😀

2 Responses to “A few more Diamond Cosmetics swatches”

  1. Lucy Says:

    I have most of these colors. I need to get the green. I love that. I wasn’t too thrilled with Yukon Gold either. It really looks much prettier on your nails than in the bottle!

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