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Joust for Kicks and Hi Ho Silver September 14, 2009

Hi ladies, sorry for the low quantity of pictures in my recent posts, but I’m trying to swatch and post my Diamonds as quickly as possible. There will be more pictures when I’m done swatching all 30 and can get back to nail art etc.

Joust for Kicks was a gorgeous deep, rich chocolately brown with some red and gold flecks in the shimmer. Interestingly in the bottle it seemed to have a greenish hue to the shimmer but I didn’t notice it on my nails (but I haven’t seen the sun the last couple of days so it hasn’t been looked at in full sunlight.) I really liked this, despite it being a shade I wouldn’t normally wear, but I did have some drying issues, although I am putting that down to me not allowing sufficient drying time between coats. This is two coats.

Diamond Cosmetics, Joust For Kicks

Diamond Cosmetics, Joust For Kicks

 My picture doesn’t really capture the duochrome-ness of Hi Ho Silver very well, due to the aforementioned lack of sun, but it is a lovely silver-purple duo with a definite green flash in there somewhere.  I really liked this one from the swatch but I’m not too keen on it on me.  Maybe three coats would be better, I don’t know.  It looks much better on Scrangie but it would have also helped if I ‘d done an application anywhere near as good as hers!  More haste, less speed in my case.  Here’s the image:

Diamond Cosmetics, Hi Ho Silver

Diamond Cosmetics, Hi Ho Silver


That’s all from me this time,  hope you are all keeping well and thanks for reading!


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