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Matte Burgundy and Party Hearty September 13, 2009

Hello Ladies,  I have two Diamond Swatches for you today, Matte Burgundy and Party Hearty.  I have to say I wasn’t too keen on Matte Burgundy, but then I’m not really a burgundy lover anyway and much as I do like the idea of mattes, I’m not really sure how much they suit me, although I really did love Matte Mulberry.  Party Hearty was a complete surprise for me though.  A few of the colours I ordered from Diamond were ones I couldn’t really see me wearing.  These are the ones which have surprised me the most.  Party Hearty is the first of those  (Another noticeable surprise although I haven’t worn it yet was Iced Plum which looks beautiful in the bottle.)  It is absolutely beautiful, opaque in one coat, and shines like I-don’t-know-what when the sun is on it!  It has a very champagne-gold colour to it and I love the finish, it is almost antique looking, or at least that’s what it inspired in me!  Here are a couple of pictures (sorry there’s only one of each)

Diamond Cosmetics, Matte Burgundy

Diamond Cosmetics, Matte Burgundy


Diamond Cosmetics, Party Hearty

Diamond Cosmetics, Party Hearty


See, so pretty!


2 Responses to “Matte Burgundy and Party Hearty”

  1. Lucy Says:

    I love both shades on you. Especially the Matte Burgundy. That really looks beautiful on you. Really pretty with your skin color.

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