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Squeeee!! September 11, 2009

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They’re here!!  Lots of beautiful polishes!!  Yay!!  Check it out…

^^Glitter Silver and Glitter Opal (they look much better without that full sun glare on them)

^^Oh, Tiff!, Never So Ever-Green, Don’t Teal My Heart Away

Yay for lovely polish ness!!  Sorry for the pics not being huge.

I have also done swatches for you guys of two of the matte shades, behold!

Matte Smoke

Matte Smoke

Matte Mulberry (I love it!)

Matte Mulberry (I love it!)

Ok so don’t forget ladies, you can buy these from http://www.flashynails.co.uk and at the moment they are all priced at 10% lower than what I will be selling them for, this will last until 11th October!  Thanks for reading!  😀

4 Responses to “Squeeee!!”

  1. Lucy Says:

    All those gorgeouse colors! That deserves a big squeee!!! Love the Matte Mulberry . I’m glad your able to sell these polishes. That’s really nice of you. My girlfriend wore one of the polishes and had a few chips. This was thru packing and cleaning and moving things to get the apartment painted. She was really impressed with it.

    • Jennifer Says:

      Hey Lucy, I’m glad I’m able to sell them too, I have already (in the less than 24 hours since they went live on my website) had one order, and an enquiry from Russia and one from Australia! Madness!!

  2. Oh yay they came!! I’ve been away so only just seen this. They all look amazing. Just had a quick look at your site and they’re so reasonably priced as well! Will definitely have to make an order soon 😉

    • Jennifer Says:

      Yay!! Lol. Your should be either in the post to you or maybe you have a “we tried to deliver but you weren’t home” card from the posties? If you’re not affected by the postall strikes they should be around somewhere as I sent them last week 😀

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