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Hello! September 9, 2009

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I don’t have any pictures to add to this entry, but I swatched Lubu Heels over black and red (alternate fingers) and I liked it, until I put a topcoat on and the red glitter seemed to disappear and it just looked like a black polish! 

I wore Cashmere Cardigan the other day, hubby thinks “it just looks like paint” lol.  I liked it too but not as much as I’d expected too which was a bit of a shame, and then I jazzed it up by adding Massini Sheer Denim over the top which made it look a little different and was…nice. 

I bought two polishes for £1 today at one of the ‘dollar stores’  in town.  I have hidden them amongst all my other polishes because, although they were only 50p each, hubby knows i got 8 polishes in the post the other day from Kris and am due 30 new shades when the Diamond arrives!  So shh, it’s our little secret.  They are both Sally Hanses polishes, one is hard as Nail Xtreme Wear in Chic Cobalt which looks like a stuning glossy dark shimmery blue in the bottles but is TOTALLY SHEER on the nail 😦 (which I have just applied and am thinking of layering some Sinful Colors San Francisco over it as that’s also very sheer compared to bottle colour.)  The second colour is also Sally Hansen but is “New Lengths” and is called Plum Sequin.  I don’t know when I will get around to swatching it but I will try to put up pictures when I do.

I’m not feeling very enthusiastic today, can you tell?  And I don’t know why either.  I should be in a very good mood as the lovely Lisa from Diamond (who I actually spoke to on the phone today) has informed me that my polish is BEING SHIPPED TODAY!!!!  Hurrah!!  SO exciting!  So, ladies, I will let you all know when it has arrived!

Thanks for reading, 😀


4 Responses to “Hello!”

  1. flinty Says:

    Try putting some clear polish into the CC; it might help gloss it up a bit.

  2. Lucy Says:

    I’m suprised that happened with the Lubu Heels. Weird! Not a good polish day for you. Sorry your feeling not so happy today.

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