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Ugh Blog Issues August 31, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Jennifer @ 6:35 pm

Okay for some reason the blog won’t let me show all of the colours in the last post.  I have re-edited it FOUR TIMES to try to make it work and it won’t play nice!  So here are the names of the colours so you can go look them up on Diamond’s colour chart which is HERE

The Blue colours and the Red colours aren’t showing, so here they are by name and number:

#182, Metallic Blue || #315 Midnight Blue || #305 Midnight Passion || #312 Monarch Masquerade || #183 Metallic Venom || #192 Hi Ho Silver || #245 Drift Away

#221 Blackberry || #210 Cheery Cherry|| #289 You Set My Heart Ablaze || #232 Sparkling Sherry || #156 Park Ave Purple || #243 Lava || #330 So Berry Sweet || #262 Iced Plum || #236 Feelin’ Groovy


Aplogies for them being in the wrong order and for you having to do it the long way round!!


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