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My First Nails Inc August 31, 2009

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As I mentioned a few entries back, Nails Inc recently had a promotion to buy £50 of their products for £10, and you got a cuticle treatment roll-on, a bottle of nail hardener, some fast dry spray and three polishes of their choice.  Well my package arrived and although I wasn’t overly impressed with two of my polishes, this one stood out as being beautiful and amazing.  So much so that due to the fact I was already wearing polish, I even went to the trauma of testing it on one of my toes!! 

It is Nails Inc, Friendly Selfridges and it is just lovely, look!

Isn’t it nice?!  Not a colour I would have bought once upon a time but I’m starting to come round to these kinds of colours lately.  And I love this!!  These pictures don’t really do it justice as it just looks like a hardcore orange, but it has bronze, rusty, gold/green flashes in it too.  It’s fab!

Thanks for reading!  😀


2 Responses to “My First Nails Inc”

  1. Lucy Says:

    I think this is a gorgeous color. Looks like a foil on your nails. Very pretty on you.

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