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Stargazer 125 Swatch August 15, 2009

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Remember how I said that the swatches on the Stargazer website are weird?!  Well I was ordering some polish for a swap and I decided to net myself a bottle too, so I ordered this:


That is the swatch on their website for polish number 125.  To me it looks like a dark purple with a silver-y almost glitter sheen to it, and perhaps some nice black tones in there too.   So the bottle came and it didn’t look too far different to the swatch, but different enough for me to have been alarmed if I didn’t know already that it wouldn’t be the same as the swatch.  Don’t get me wrong I know swatches on screen aren’t always accurate due to monitor differences etc, but this clearly seems to have a teeny micro glitter type finish to it.

So, I started to paint it on and discovered, which I was NOT expecting from the appearance of the bottle OR the swatch that IT IS SHEER!  Totally threw me, and at this point I did actually get out the invoice and check that it was the right polich that I had been sent.  It was.  Three coats later and we are pretty close to  bottle colour.  It’s a nice colour don’t get me wrong but it just doesn’t do it for me, which is odd as I am a purple lover.  Maybe cos of the surprise of discovering it was totally NOT what I’d expected.  Anyway these pictures are FOUR coats!  There isn’t much difference between four and three, but I’d got loads of bubbles in and dented a couple of nails through carelessness when drying so I put an extra coat on to try to even things out.

Sorry for the rambling!


Just because I decided to make my point even further, here is the swatch for Stargazer 128 from their website:

and here is 128, the bottle and on me:

See the difference?!


That’s 135 which I haven’t properly swatched yet but you can see here (majorly bad rushed application):

Misleading to say the least!!  Come on Stargazer!  Sort it out!

Thanks for reading! 😀


2 Responses to “Stargazer 125 Swatch”

  1. Lucy Says:

    The purple is a pretty color. Very annoying when the polish isn’t what it’s described. Love the second shade. The third is a teal? I like that one also. I never used Stargazer.

    • Jennifer Says:

      I don’t know if it’s a teal, I’d say a darker green than that. Stragzer are good, inexpensive, big bottles, good application and some great colours, but their swatches really do bug me!

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