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Stargazer 128 Swatch/Review July 29, 2009

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I have to admit I am pretty wowed by this polish.  Stargazer have been around a good few years, but have recently started having concessions in New Look stores for their make-up range.  They also have a website with a buy online facility, Stargazer and it is worth noting that their polishes are 50p cheaper on their site than if you bought them from New Look, but obviously there is a postage charge to factor in there too.

For a budget line of polish, I am really pleased with this range so far. Granted, I have only swatched four of their colours, and only gone on to do one full manicure with one colour so far, but I am getting a very good feeling about this range! The bottles are great, I love them, and they’re 14ml instead of the usual 10-12ml, their colours are really nice – I had looked on the website a while back and wasn’t too impressed by the colours but yesterday when I saw them in the shop, I was pretty wowed. In fact I almost bought 8 bottles instead of four as I just couldn’t decided on which I wanted, as the choice was so difficult!

The formula was really nice although I have to say that these polishes have a strong smell, but not one I normally associate with nail polish – it’s quite a plastiky smell, quite odd. There is no information on either the bottles or the website about the formula so I don’t know if it’s b3f or not, but the website does say they don’t test on animals which is nice.

The brush is perhaps a little chunkier than I would like, but definitely not unmanageable, in fact in these pictures which will follow, I haven’t done any cleanup and they’re not too bad. I haven’t topcoated this as I didn’t want to risk dulling the duo shimmer before I took my pictures, and I painted them over 12 hours ago and I have no chipping or anything.

Drying time is good, not too long at all, in fact I would verge on calling them quick dry and they do actually dry, not go tacky or sticky. They dry to a nice normal smooth, solid finish. Thumbs up all round!

Ok now for the pics! All two coats on top of a basecoat, no topcoat (as mentioned) . I tried to get as many different variations in the colour as possible as it tends to swing from gold through bronze, orange and purple, with a little green flash in there too, but I don’t think i captured it very well really. Anyway here are the pics!

So, the colour?  AMAZING, I love it!  It’s really really nice, I love the duo-ness, I love the sheen and the shimmer.  It was definitely improved by appplying so well, I’m always a little put off even by a beautiful colour if it doesn’t apply well.  I am a definite Stargazer convert, and I will be back for more of their range!  The only thing I would say is that this perhaps needs a third coat as there was a teeny bit of VNL when I was looking at my nails last night, with the living room lights on, but in daytime light it’s pretty much totally invisible.

Thanks for readin, I’ll be swatching another soon!


2 Responses to “Stargazer 128 Swatch/Review”

  1. flinty Says:

    Thanks for swatching your Stargazers! I’ve been sorely tempted by their website though ordering to the US is a bit expensive, sigh. That’s a gorgeous duochrome, btw! 🙂

  2. Lucy Says:

    That is a beautiful shade. I love the color on you. It really looks like a foil finish. You just can’t help yourself when the polishes as so lovely.

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