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Swatch: Barry M Blue Glitter July 10, 2009

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Wowza! I do love the red more, lots more, but the blue is also something pretty darn special!! These polishes look SO beautiful in sunlight it’s unreal! And yes, Glittermillie I did have a nightmare getting it off – the red moreso than the blue, but I found it to be a little easier if you put plenty of remover on a cotton pad, make it pretty soaking, then hold it against the nail for a couple of minutes, just still before you start moving it across your nail. It seemed to help me. I still used 12 cotton pads (both side of each) taking this off, as I did with the red! (I can usually remove two hands worth of polish on about 4 pads.)

Anyway here are some pictures, I did use a funky French on this again, M44, tried to do them all on an angle again and managed to accidentally get two of them straight, typically when I didn’t want them straight I managed to do it!

That bottom picture is indoors under electric light not natural.  The weird thing about this polish (that i found) is that you can paint it on and it can be totally dry but if you haven’t topcoated it, it’s really easy to take a chunk out of it by accident.  There’s so much glitter in it, it doesn’t seem to dry hard like polish, so you really need the TC to seal it.  You can see on my ring finger in the second picture, I’d knocked it whilst answering the door before I started Konading, so there was no TC on, and a big old hole appeared in the polish 😦


3 Responses to “Swatch: Barry M Blue Glitter”

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one to struggle with getting it off! I think next time I wear any of them I’ll make sure they stay on for at least a week!

  2. Lucy Says:

    Barry M glitters are amazing! I love the design you did. Very pretty on you. I just love glitter. It is so hard to get off but I think the glittery goodness is worth it!

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