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Paisley in blue and green July 10, 2009

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After the Blue Glitter, I was going to roadtest the green glitter, to complete my swatching of my birthday haul ( I don’t think the silver glitter really need

s any explanation).  However, the glitter is so dense in the Barry M polishes that it was scracthing the sufrace of my nails when I was removing it.  And, to be honest, I didn’t fancy having the hassle in another two days of trying to remove it.  So, I’ve taken a little step away from the glitters for now, and decided on something else. 

I’m sure what first led me to finding Konad was a web search for ‘Paisley nail art’ and if I recall rightly it led me to an image of someone’s nail art they’d done using Konad Plate M60 and then I became obsessed with Konad, and spent a lot of time looking at the fantastic inspirational resource that is Nevertoomuchglitter. Anyway, with some of the money I was kindly given for my birthday, I treated myself to some lovely Konad things from my website: 

Psyche Pink Princess Polish

Psyche Pink Princess Polish

Blue Pearl Princess Polish

Blue Pearl Princess Polish

Deep Jungle Princess Polish

Deep Jungle Princess Polish

Gold Black Princess Polish

Gold Black Princess Polish

(sorry i did try to get them all next to each other but it wouldn’t do it!)
So my new manicure has been paisley and I used both the Deep Jungle and the Blue Pearl, over a base of one of my favourite EVER polishes, Collection 2000 Hello Sailor.  (I was going to buy a second bottle of this the other day so I have a spare for when it runs out but it didn’t look quite the right colour in the shops so I’m undecided as yet whether I should or not.)  I alternated the DJ and the BP on the fingers so I got to use both as I just couldn’t decide!  Sorry the clean up isn’t great on these:
I love this.  It’s Paisley, it’s one of my favourite base coats and it’s nice and subtle and summery!  yay!!

3 Responses to “Paisley in blue and green”

  1. I love this! Subtle but really, really pretty 🙂

  2. Lucy Says:

    That is a pretty base color. I love the subtle paisley design. Looking forward to more Konadicures. Have a nice weekend.

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