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Maybelline Mirror Image – The Fallout! July 3, 2009

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So I had had more than enough of the split in my middle fingernail, I was worried in case it completely came away because I didn’t want to have to file my other nails really short to match it if it did, and tomorrow I’m working a wedding and I was worried that it’d come off during the day and I’d be stuck without the time or implements to fix it. So today I made an appointment and went and had a fibreglass wrap put on the nail. It was a very quick process, and you totally can’t see that there’s anything on the nail, my split is completely covered, and it was inexpensive. I confess to actually liking the heat when she sprayed the activator on, though it did smell a bit. Weirdly, all my nails (and she only did anything to that one) feel as if I’ve bruised my fingers undreneath the nail bed. I don’t know what’s caused that, or if it’s because this was the first length of time (more than a couple of hours) that I’ve had no polish on my nails for about 2 months.

I took off the Mirror Image from all my nails (as for some reason, when I got up this morning it had also gone all wrinkly on my nails which it hadn’t done before I went to bed, so I don’t know what happened there). When I removed it, I came to realise that the base coat is actually like glue, as it all pulled together into strings, like if you peel PVA glue off your skin (come on, we all did that at primary school – paint your hands and sit picking it off after it’s dried!) and it has left my nails with white dry patches on them, you know how if you sit and pick your polish off, marks like those 😦 The lady at the salon suggested using an acetone free polish remover as it will help not to strip the moisture out of my nails in furture.

It’s my birthday next week, on Monday so I’m thinking of booking myself in to have my nails all properly shaped so they’re all the same shape and length (although they’re virtually there at the moment anyway but I like the idea of being pampered!)


One Response to “Maybelline Mirror Image – The Fallout!”

  1. Lucy Says:

    I’m so glad you got your nail taken care of. I just took off my polish last night and let them air out for the night! I haven’t had polish off for months. It feel really weird. My nails are nice and yellow. My girlfriend took her polish off and her nails are stained pinkish yellow. Everything you read about manicures they tell you to always use a base coat because it prevents staining. Well we both do. I use two coats of a ridge filler. So what’s “their” excuse now. My girlfriend doesn’t use dark polish. That’s another thing that causes staining. The only thing I know to get rid of stains is to not wear polish for a month or two. No way am I doing that. I think it would be a wonderful idea to get a manicure and pedicure for your birthday. Treat yourself and pamper yourself always. Have a wonderful birthday if I don’t “talk” to you before the day.

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