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First Post-ness June 14, 2009

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So here it is, my first post. I have to admit I’m never much good at blogging, but I will try my best here. I do my nails every couple of days but it’s a matter of taking and uploading pictures and finding something interesting to say!

When I was about 14 I used to paint my nails every Friday night after schhol, and remove it again on the Sunday evening. I used to freehand everything. I distinctly remember once doing Hilfiger logos ( http://img.slate.com/media/43000/43622/Hifiger-Logo.GIF ) on every single nail and it looked awesome. Anyway after a few months I got out of the habit and never really bothered much with my nails again after that. I’m not a make-up kinda girl and so nails didn’t really come into it either. Anyway I started doing nice things to my nails again in April of this year, and when looking for inspiration for some freehand designs, Google led me to Nevertoomuchglitter and from there I was hooked. I discovered Konads in particular (I’m not brave enough to franken yet!) and I love them! I have to admit I’m not brilliant with Konading yet, but I am improving. I don’t have much of a stash of colours at the moment, I tend to only buy colours I could see myself wearing as a full nail, so my collection is missing a lot of awesome colours I could use for Konading etc. I’m working on building it up though!

I’m a wedding photographer by trade (If you’re interested) but I’m hoping to set up a Nail Art online store soon, focussingmainly on Konad, but hopefully selling lots of other nice goodies.  Keep checking for updates on that.

I have just bought the Konad Pro Salon Kit for myself, so hopefully there will be much more Konad greatness from me soon.
Anyway, I’ve taken a few pictures of some sample nails I did to try to practice with my K system, (I have only one Konad plate but I have 10 fauxnads which I acquired from Ebay. Unfortunately there’s only one full nail pattern, and I find it difficult to know which combination of other small images will go together.) So here are my feeble attempts.

I’ll try to use clearer type on the pictures next time.


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